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New York artists Marc Evan and Chris Soria began their pumpkin carving business, Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, eight years ago in an effort to tap local bars and restaurants during autumn. What resulted was a booming reputation that brought in commissions from big names like Tiffany and Co., Honda, Rolling Stone, Citi, and Yahoo!. Every Halloween, fans can see examples of MPC’s work in storefronts and advertisements, order custom pieces, and watch live demonstrations of the carving process. Each pumpkin is selected for even tone, symmetry, and a good stem. Using a variety of tools that include everything from saws to woodworking knives, the duo complete each piece within 24 hours, treating the pumpkin with a special solution and sealing them in order to ensure the maximum life span.

Marc and Chris offer a few helpful tips for amateur Jack-o-lantern carvers such as carving first (and scooping only when finished), using CFL bulbs, washing before carving, sealing with Vaseline or vegetable oil, and maintaining your stem to preserve nutrients and prevent rapid decay. Fall orders can be made through the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers website.

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Via NPR Science Friday