In Rafmögnuð Náttúra, a series of site-specific video performances and visuals inspired by the four elements are video-mapped and projected onto the church, specifically adapted to each particular detail of the façade. The intention is to challenge the audience’s spatial perception with an installation that blurs the boundaries between dance, film and architecture. The audience takes a participatory role and becomes an active element that is capable of interacting with the light projected on the building through a midi controller. The work included a live performance of Icelandic band For a Minor Reflection.

Rafmögnuð Náttúra” was conceived by Marcos Zotes and created in collaboration with Chris Jordan, Thessia Machado, Noa Younse, Andrea Dart, Steven Tsai, Coco Karol, Azmi Mert Erdem and Raghul Sridharan.

Concept and Art Direction: Marcos Zotes
Technical Direction: Chris Jordan
Artists: Marcos Zotes, Chris Jordan, Thessia Machado, Noa Younse, Andrea Dart, Steven Tsai
Dance Performance: Coco Karol
Videography: Azmi Mert Erdem, Raghul Sridharan
Management: Marcos Zotes, Gerður Sveinsdóttir
Music: For a Minor Reflection
Photography: Enki

+ Marcos Zotes