LEGO fans rejoice! Gadget guru Michael McCooey just unveiled a super cool flexible Spiderman action figure made entirely from LEGO bricks. McCooey is an active member of the Lego Cuusoo network, which encourages fans of the famous toy building bricks to share their designs – and he stepped up to the challenge to build an action figure that was not only agile and posable, but also slim and natural looking like the amazing super hero himself.  The finished figurine is designed to bend and twist into all of Spidey’s limber poses, and of course it can hang upside down.

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Hot off the heels of his wildly popular Lego Batman action figure, McCooey has wowed us all again with his Amazing Spiderman, which features ball joints in its neck, elbows, and knees to allow free range of movement. Lego Spiderman’s feet also have toe pieces to grab onto surfaces, and his hands feature movable finger parts – perfect for assuming the superhero’s web spitting pose. His waist and torso also rotate and bend for those tricky upside down moves.

Lego Cuusoo is an amazing site where fans can post any Lego design they want and receive votes from other members, possibly immortalizing their creation as an official piece of LEGO history. Check out the rest of Michael McCooey’s work and be sure to vote!

+ Michael McCooey Flickr

+ Lego Cuusoo

Via gizmodo