In an apartment or an office setting, a little greenery can turn a lifeless space into a relaxing oasis. Designer Marko Vučković’s Grass Lamp is a sleek hydroponic light fixture that blends modernist design with living plants. The grass is planted in a growing medium and fed with a mineral nutrient solution, while an overhead fixture provides light. Taking advantage of limited space, the lamp is a beautiful and creative way to add life to a room and purify the air.

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Marko Vučković’s living Grass Lamp combines gardening with interior decor to lend an elegant and comfortable atmosphere to any room. The lamp is available in several models that can be mounted on the wall, hung from the ceiling, or stand on their own.

Vučković is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Belgrade and has already won several awards for his work including the 2009 Design and Design Award and first prize for best drawing in Berlin from the Bosch Foundation in 2009. His Saturn clock also took second prize in the KARE contest in 2011 and the Designanddesign award in 2011.

Via Jetson Green