Pre-built homemakers extraordinaire, Marmol Radziner Prefab were in the newsthis week once again introducing their newest custom prefab home. High up in the hills above Los Angeles sits the new Hollywood Hybrid, a 2576 sq. ft. sustainable, modern prefab home with killer views and a minimal carbon footprint. Inhabitat went up to the site where the home was being built for a peek.

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Besides a slight delay in the morning, the team installed the four-module home with no problems. While most of the other Marmol Radziner prefabs have been located on flat sites, the Hollywood Hybrid is located on a rather dramatic downward-sloping existing lot. Despite the challenges, the team worked like a well-oiled machine to place the modules in a cascading pattern down the hill in the span of only a few hours.

Called a “hybrid” because the house combines prefab with site-built construction, the ground floor of the home includes two large rooms that are built into the foundation of the house. Besides that, the house is entirely comprised of prefabricated modules on the upper two stories. The modules came fully finished with plumbing, electrical, and built-in casework and the kitchen module is complete with appliances already hardwired. Eight weeks from now, the homeowners should be able to move in and unpack their boxes in their new 3-bedroom 3.5 bath home.

As with all Marmol Radziner custom prefab units, the project is registered with the USGBC and is expected to achieve LEED certification upon completion. By being prefabricated off-site, construction waste can be minimized, excess materials can be recycled, and time can be saved particularly when factory and site building can be done concurrently. Responsible materials are used throughout, from the insulated glass to the denim jean insulation. Solar panels generate electricity and can feed excess power back into the grid. Decks, large sliding glass doors, and well-placed shading devices allow for cooling cross ventilation and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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