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Funded in part by EU grants and private equity, the two level recreational center is a wonderful community center that not only restored a former brownfield site, but also promotes health and community in this beautiful part of historic Poland. The mesh facade includes shutters that can be closed all the way, allowing greater control over natural light and ventilation.

Semi-transluscent vertical brise-soleil panels on the modular facade permit a pile of light to reach deep into the belly of the giant center, which was deliberately left open in order to promote a sense of unity and connectedness to the exterior, while at the same time mitigating the effects of excess solar gain. The recreational center boasts a double story climbing wall painted bright green, four bowling alleys, two squash courts, a bike and segway sharing system, in addition to other opportunities to get super fit.

And what about the rooftop tennis court? Well, let’s just say that users might not play their best game if they’re distracted by the amazing view of the surrounding churches, park and lake!

+ PL.architekci

Via Dezeen

photos by Bartosz Makowski