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Matt Gagnon Studio, Knit Fort, reclaimed wood, innovative tree houses, small enclosures, sustainable building materials, home design, green furniture

Whether it’s used as a relaxing time out space in a bustling office, a child’s playroom, a chill out zone in the back yard or an exterior shade cabana in an exotic location, Gagnon’s Knit Fort is one very cozy hideaway. The structure can be made in various sizes to fit individual needs.

The fort is made out of small pieces of hardwood (either plantation grown teakor reclaimed wood) that are bound together with rubber cord. This loose form of construction allows for a quiet personal area that is still illuminated by natural light, giving the interior space a healthy and relaxing atmosphere. According to the designer, the wooden lattice setting “creates a positive yet contradictory experience of feeling private while still being visible.”

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