Have you ever dreamed of having your own little house in the countryside, just big enough for you and friend or two to hang out and take in the outdoors? 608 Design and BLDG Workshop have just the thing: their prefab tiny house, cutely called “Bunkie.” Bunkie is a collaborative effort between the two firms , who’ve always admired each other’s work and decided to join forces to come up with new solutions to an old problem: inexpensive, eco-friendly housing.

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608 Design and BLDG Workshop decided to use CNC milling technology, which is currently used mostly for furniture, to cut large pieces of the house–saving both materials and construction time. Plans for the house aren’t yet available, but you can get on the project’s mailing list for future updates.

+ 608 Design

+ BLDG Workshop

+ The Bunkie Co.

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Photos courtesy 608 Design, BLDG Workshop and The Bunkie Co.