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Recycled Brooklyn . 2013 from Jeremy White on Vimeo.

Recycled Brooklyn began almost accidentally. Matt and Steve took to building their own furniture out of necessity, until their original pieces started catching the eyes of their friends. After Matt had built a desk out of a reclaimed wood door and some discarded pipe he found in his building’s courtyard, a visiting houseguest was enraptured with his design and requested a piece of her own. It wasn’t long until the orders for custom pieces started piling up. The brothers knew that they were destined for a new career, and there was plenty of material for the taking.

“All you have to do is walk to the super market to get a bag of groceries and you walk by a dumpster filled with hundred and fifty-year-old wood beams that are going right into the landfill in Staten Island,” Steve says, “and that’s ridiculous.”

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Matt and Steve now have a full line of furnishings mixing all types of found materials, from salvaged floor beams, to steel and raw concrete. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and though certainly not terribly affordable when compared to the average IKEA find, the designs are comparable to original pieces of the same quality and a terrific buy for someone looking to make an investment, support the local economy, and keep beautiful and valuable resources out of our landfills.

Recycled Brooklyn’s fabulous designs can be found at their Williamsburg showroom at 240 Kent Avenue and at the Brooklyn Flea.

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