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The Guangyun entrance pavilion was unveiled during the Xi’anInternational Horticultural Expo in China back in 2011. It frames the main visitor entrance to the expo site with a transparent, multi-faceted shape that shines during the night. Due to the amount of people visiting the site, instead of two pedestrian lanes, there are three with the middle one switching directions throughout the day—just like in London’s underground.

With green areas and a water feature between the lanes, the architects wanted to encourage visitors to stop, relax and enjoy the structure just before entering the Expo. Measuring 23-foot high, the web-like pavilion serves as landmark and a meeting point, welcoming visitors while attracting the gaze of distant onlookers. In the near future, plants will climb up the innovative structure to create a natural shade that will reinforce the horticultural theme by adding some extra green.

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