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Architecture, gallery, Plasma Studio, parasite house, Esker Haus, San Candido, Italy, prefab composite walls, wooden frames, local wood

Due to its strange geometry, full of angles and repetitive frames, it was essential to plan the Esker Haus using a 3D computer model. A ‘parasite’ home, it started by adopting the host’s structure and then gradually evolved with a clashing modern design. The architects began from the external staircase, using each step as a module, and then added arched frames that formed new volumes.

These frames, some made from steel and some made from local timber, protect the prefab composite walls and roof while giving the 60s shelter a top updated design. With plenty of outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces for enjoying great views and breathing fresh air, the house was also designed as a climbing venue. A ‘parasite home’, the Esker Haus not only benefits from its ‘host’ underneath, it also adds value to it and protects it from being knocked down.

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Photos by Plasma Studio