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Located in Playa del Carmen in one corner of La Quinta Avenida, the main avenue of the city, Hotel Básico is a 1,600 square-meter, mixed-use building reflecting a Brutalism style through its bold use of concrete. Four shops make up most of the ground floor, while 15 hotel rooms primarily reside on the second and third floors.  Guests enter through a spectacular lobby space that is 14 meters high and almost 18 meters long. It is here in the lobby area that the story of the design of the hotel begins to be exposed. This open-air lobby displays a scaffolding-esque stairway, an industrial freight elevator, exposed pipes, and a recycled taxi-tire floor.

Much like the pilotis that summarized the concept of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye, the second floor is partially open, exposing columns that support the third floor above. This area of the second floor provides hotel guests with an open-air lounge, and a few of the hotel’s bedrooms. These bedrooms are outfitted with concrete walls, local tile floors, latex curtains (as a memory of the petroleum saturated history of the region) and intentionally exposed plumbing and electrical ducts.  As Interior Designer Héctor Galvan put it, “[Hotel Básico’s] furniture and finishes are not new, novel additions to the world, but reconfigurations of that which exists”.

The final touch on the design of this recycling enthusiast’s dream destination is the design of the roof. Former industrial petroleum tanks have become swimming pools, which offer amazing views of the Caribbean Sea.  Truck fronts serve as cabanas with built-in mattresses, while the rest of the roof deck is covered in hammocks and recycled deck chairs.  Almost as if the roof was the cherry on top of this culture dessert, it is the perfect spot to absorb the luxurious and provocative aesthetic of this designer hotel.

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