Japanese artist and landscape designer Mineo Mizuno grows moss on large ceramic pebble-like spheres, creating beautiful sculptures that forge a symbiotic relationship between materials. Inspired by his native Japan, the Brooklyn-based artist designs miniature landscapes, complete with highlands and valleys, grass and forests. The pieces are part of a series called “Coexistence.”

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The pieces, developed from a water drop shape, integrate ceramics and horticulture. Large pebble forms are dotted with holes and planted with moss that the artist collects on his early morning bicycle rides. He has developed a “contraption”, as he calls it, which sprays a mist that draws out the emerald tufts until the moss develops into an organic glaze with pieces and bits protruding from the holes. This outer, green layer is responsive to the changes in temperature and humidity and act as living sculptures.

+ Mineo Mizuno

Via Neatorama and UrbanGardens