Having 10 extra minutes of cell phone battery life in emergency situations such as hurricanes and earthquakes can literally save lives. Designers Bob Panos and Karl Lee have designed a case that can recharge your iPhone through the squeezing motion of your hand. Called Mipwr Dynamo, the all-in-one protective case is equipped with a 400 mA battery (that provides two hours of power) and a concealed push lever that generates electricity when pumped. The designers just launched a Kickastarter campaign to fund the production of Mipwr cases.

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When connected to a charger, the electricity is used for charging both the case and the battery simultaneously. Once off the charger, the case can be turned into a battery by switching the lever on the side. Once that energy is used, the lever can be popped out from the inside of the case and squeezed to provide extra charge. According to the designers, the user can use the energy from the lever to get 30 seconds of talk or text time with just one minute of pumping.

The Kickstarter campaign will last until 19 October and will enable the team to manufacture the case at an initial price of $25. It will initially be available only for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

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Via Daily Mail