Sunday night we attended the Mobile Living event, which proved to be a smashing example of a well-conceived hybrid exhibition. The theme “mobile living” took a comprehensive view, including not just mobile homes, but cars (of which there were two new models on the floor), furnishings, and supposedly even apparel, though we didn’t see it.

The centerpiece of the room was Bucky Fuller’s 24-foot Fly’s Eye Dome, which of course was not only cool for the scale and novelty of the design, but for the fact that it was actually Bucky’s last dome design, prototyped in the mid-70s.

We also stood for some time ogling at Christopher Deam’s new Breckenridge “Perfect Cottage,” which was its own little diorama on the street outside the venue. And of course, there was the thrill of seeing Adam Khalkin’s Push Button House opening and closing in real time, with a fully-furnished interior affixed to the unfolding container walls that laid itself out softly into an ambient little home.

One of the excellent and unexpected components was a display of project proposals by a handful of industrial design students from University of the Arts, which consisted only of poster-sized descriptions and small-scale models. There were several gems in that mix, which we plan to investigate and cover further in the near future.

All told, an excellent collection of mobile designs.