Who says prefab is just for adults? Certainly not Ryan Grey Smith. Best known for his diminutive Modern-Shed, the architect and father is now designing prefab for the pint-sized. Complete with sloped shed roof, clearstory windows, dutch doors, and twelve standard fixed window panels, the Modern Playshed is designed to not only be safe and durable, but to provide endless hours of imaginative play. Currently available exclusively from Seattle-based Velocity Art and Design, the Modern Play Shed will soon be making a trip down the West Coast to debut at CA Boom.

The standard version of the Modern Playshed arrives unfinished, giving burgeoning baby designers a chance to customize their own space. Finished assembly includes plexiglass windows, corner pieces, a roof beam, and an illustrated manual for easy assembly. For those who like a little personality built in, a selection of accessories can be added, including a deck, colorful indoor/outdoor plastic panels, whiteboards and chalkboards, cork walls, finished birch paneling, and colorful floor tiles.

If you want to raise design-conscious kids, this would be a good way to get them started. Of course, while the grown-up Modern-Shed is one of the most affordable modular structures currently available, the Modern Play Shed doesn’t seem quite as modest, given the capricious nature of its audience. However, the thoughtful design and structural durability make it stylish and sound enough that your kid might be playing in it right up until high school graduation. That would be a worthwhile investment.

+ Available for $2995.00 at Velocity Art and Design