While the image above depicts a modern and sleek interior space, you’d be surprised to know that the other side of the wall carries an aesthetic debauchery more in line with that of Sweeney Todd. An incredible installation piece created by a team of Mexico’s hottest designers, Diseño Piloto compiles an array of irregular material offcuts abandoned by furniture companies, and turns them into compact modules that can be joined to create furniture, walls and even entire rooms.

Diseño Piloto is a project that focuses on the design and manufacturing systems currently used to produce furniture. The piece not only explores the methods (material, machinery, cut, etc.) of production, but also the residual waste of such systems. In its completed form, the contrasting yet complimentary finishes of the two sides showcase both the origin of the cast-off boards, and the success of effectively achieving a uniform aesthetic in the face of unconventional and irregular material.

Diseño Piloto is an installation by Jimena Acosta, Andrés Altesor, Emiliano Godoy, Antonio Gurrola and Rodolfo Samperio for the exhibition Asteroide B-612, Environmental Balances and Regenerative Design currently on display at the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City.

+ Diseño Piloto