Every year the PS1 Gallery at the Museum of Modern Art in New York invites young emerging architects to propose a temporary structure for their Warm-up Music festival. This year’s winner, Liquid Sky, designed by Ball-Nogues Studio (shown on the image above), continues the tradition of creating an eye-popping, innovative structure, perfectly suited to shade and shelter tired attendees to the PS1 music festival.

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The proposed structure is essentially a circus tent composed of a series of tinted translucent sails which are being held up by six towers made from untreated utility poles. At the base of each pole, the design allows for huge community hammocks for the relaxation. Dancers moving to the beat underneath the structure will be treated to a naturally lit kaleidoscopic experience, thanks to the daylight filtering in through the perforations in the tents. Last years winner, Beatfuse!, was an innovative structure that could be folded into itself for easy transport. Liquid sky innovates by using a new material called Technora, a stronger than steel plastic being developed specifically for this project.

The runner-ups were no slouch in the innovation department either. The proposal by design firm Mos was an inflatable roof structure made from aluminum fabric, which would reflect the heat from the sun, while floating around the stage. Ruy Klein’s proposal was created out of knitting more than 15,000 feet of banana-plant fibers to create a rope roof to shade the courtyard. While IwamotoScott’s attempted to create a series of microclimates throughout the area by using different openings while at the same time spraying and pouring, water in certain areas. Finally, Mark Foster Gage’s design created a series of individual umbrellas which would be located around the courtyard. Once the festival was finished, the umbrellas could be reused a later stage.

For those of you interested in attending, the installation will be unveiled on the 21st of June. And for those who can’t Wired is running a gallery of the winning design as well as for the runner ups.

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