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Orangerock Projectontwikkeling acquired the land for future redevelopment over the course of 10 years. There are some old buildings on the site that are slated for future demolition, but the developer decided to occupy one of these buildings and make it their office in the meantime. Orangerock asked Mohn + Bouman to transform the building into a modern office that did justice to the company’s innovative brand.

Instead of making a series of small changes to the actual building, Mohn + Bouman instead made the sweeping and bold move of adding a giant folded Corten steel screen to the building’s facade. The screen was computer cut, allowing for very sophisticated detailing. After it was made in the factory, it was installed on site within just two weeks. A fun and practical aspect of the project is an internal gutter that drains out onto a massive rock, gradually turning it orange, as a nod to the developer’s name.

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