Designed for today’s modern office, CREE Lighting’s new LN suspended luminaire is an update of the typical inter-office fluorescent lightingsystem, replaced with long-lasting LEDs. With 105 lumens per watt, CREE’s system effectively keeps offices lit for maximum productivity, but with a modern twist. The lighting system is fully adjustable, dimming to just 5 percent to allow users to enjoy natural light, or change lighting conditions to match the mood of the day.

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The electronic drone of row upon row of fluorescent office lights are quickly becoming a site and sound of the past, as LED bulbs replace traditional lighting. Along with the transfer to efficient LED bulbs, LED light fixtures themselves have an opportunity to be updated. CREE’s LN suspended luminaire projects light in a different way, focused in a point source, rather than the old fashioned tubes of fluorescent lighting. With what they call WaveMax technology, the LED’s are bounced against a wave guide that reflects and refracts light, creating a warm, evenly distributed glow.

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With the LN suspended luminaire, 60 percent of the LED’s glow bounces upward toward the ceiling, while just 40 percent is faced toward work areas, desks and the floor. This means less harsh light, creating a more comfortable work environment. With modern architecture playing up natural lighting, the lights can also adjust, allowing dimming during peak sunlight times, saving on energy costs, but also providing better quality light.

Taking advantage of the diversity of LED bulbs, CREE’s new fixture lets customers experience a better light environment affordably.

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