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Cverha has a penchant for flexibility; his TOTO twin lamps, for example, have heads that rotate to create various levels of light. One can also see his obsession with customizable products in his AERO Unisex Slippers that have an exchangeable top and bottom so you can create a individualized combination of colors each time you step into them.

As a product designer who values interaction from his end-users, it is no wonder that interaction is built it into his design for MONOHEDRON. Being able to change the level of shelter, it is a design that could adapt to almost every climate, from a hot desert that needs shade to a cold dark climate that craves daylight.

While the innovation behind the shape and adaptability of the prefab home is striking, the actual details of how these homes would work in real-life settings remains a mystery.

+ Andrej Cverha

via Yanko Design