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France’s Antoine Grumbach & Associes SA with Wilmotte & Associes SA won the prize for the overall planning of Moscow. The winner in the category for the best solution for the new federal government center was the Capital Cities Planning Group – an umbrella team bringing together Urban Design Associates from the U.S., Prof Larry Beasley CM of Vancouver, Gillespies from the UK and Buro Happold’s Glasgow office.

Antoine Grumbach & Associes suggested a plan that would consist of the main city, a protective green belt up to 15km wide, and a belt of satellite cities organized at a 100km distance of each other. The building sites will be concentrated in the west of the metropolitan area with a long-term settlement planned to be built-in the east. In order to connect the new settlements, the French team proposed the formation of a new transit system in the form of three rings, with particular focus on high-speed public transportation. The constellation of 8 “gateway cities” will connect the center with the periphery of the agglomeration.

Meanwhile, Buro Happold’s Glasgow office completed a master plan for New Moscow City. Their design aims to become the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste and zero-contaminated water capital. The New Moscow City is designed to be completed in 2020 and is planned to provide housing to some 550,000 people. The city will be a car-free zone, with personal rapid transit pods and a mass transit metro system which will connect it to the outside world.

Via World Architecture News