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Through extensive renovations the factory has been transformed into a cultural icon that celebrates the creative spirit of Madrid. The two wings of the existing building are now connected with a gorgeous mosaic of glass pieces that are tilted at slightly different angles to catch and refract light. The area between the wings has been turned into a courtyard with a beautiful floor that mimics the new façade – translucent panels allow light to filter into the basement below. At night, light from the basement magically illuminates the sidewalk on the courtyard’s floor.

An enclosed platform above the courtyard connects the two former wings of the factory. Using a “vacuum stressed” method, the tunnel pushes against each factory wing while also connecting them. The wall of the tunnel features a lattice of triangular cut-outs that emulating the façade’s mosaic. The overall effect is that of a weightless structure which floats above the courtyard.

The ABC Museum transforms a factory, maintaining its original walls and floor plan while giving it a fresh shot of modern design.

+ Aranguren and Gallegos Architects

Via Arch Daily

Images © Jesus Granada