At Inhabitat we love gadgets, but sometimes we cringe at the environmental costs of their manufacturing. So, we perked up when we heard about GGRP’s brilliant album packaging that transforms into a cardboard record player. The 45 rpm album sleeve unfolds into a miniature record player, and with the help a pencil you can become a DIY zero-energy DJ.

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We’ve been really digging things made out of cardboard lately and this little guy’s an ingenious addition to the list. GGRP is a 40 year old sound engineering firm that does everything from record and mix records to casting and script writing. They sent the cardboard record player to creative directors across North America as a little reminder of how good they are at what they do. What a perfect way to show their chops with this really simple toy. Let’s just hope that when their clients are through with it they put it in the recycling bin and not the landfill!