BIG‘s proposal was a bright urban park that bridged the new structures with the site’s existing historical buildings. The new addition would be comprised of three towers, the tallest of which would stand at just over 340 feet in height.


Snøhetta proposed three shining towers flanking the existing government buildings, and the enhancement of a local urban park.

oslo-government-quarter-Asplan Viak

Another tower design came from Asplan Viak: they envisioned tall, elegant towers that would complement existing architecture. Their plan also includes transforming the public spaces around the buildings into a sprawling city garden.


In contrast with the previous firms’ tower designs, Dutch firm MVRDV proposed a ring of lower office buildings topped with rooftop gardens. The green terraces would be open to the public, and would offer views of the city without obscuring nearby vistas.

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LPO‘s proposal centered around a large government park that would be open to the public; it would include a large memorial to those who died in the 2011 attack. They also envisioned office buildings in varying heights: these would hold the Prime Minister’s office as well as those of other officials.

White proposal for Oslo

Meanwhile, White envisioned dynamic, angular buildings with colorful facades to add a touch of futurism to this ancient city.

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