MVRDV, La Grande Mosaique, Caen Presqu’ile, France, gardens, landscape architecture

Caen Presqu’ile is a large brownfield located on a peninsula near the center of Caen, which was hastily rebuilt after Word War II. MVRDV‘s comprehensive redevelopment plan calls for reconstructing the city center while improving improve ‘soft’ transportation (walking and biking) within the city. The plan transforms former factories located along the port into a collection of vibrant gardens that are connected via new pedestrian bridges and bike paths. The architects have emphasized that they want to retain existing structures and integrate them into a more functional and inviting urban fabric.

According to the plan outlined by MVRDV, about 600 hectares (1,482 acres) of brownfields and former factories will be transformed into public gardens. To develop the plan, MVRDV teamed up with Diagram, Pro Developpement and landscape architecture firm Territoires. Work on some of the projects has already begun, and the entire redevelopment plan is expected to take about 10 years to complete.