If you own an Apple product, chances are you’ve had to deal with broken charge cords and fraying cables. The MySaver project, designed by Thomas Lehman, and funded through Kickstarter, demonstrates an elegant solution to this ugly problem. MySaver consists of a few quarter-sized aluminum-reinforced silicone connectors that snap securely onto a USB charging cable and connecting dock. Available in an array of six Smart Cover inspired colors (silver, green, orange, pink, blue and gunmetal gray), the protective tabs will add life to your cords and become colorful companions to your iPhone and iPad.
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MySaver is such a simple concept, it’s hard to imagine how Apple hasn’t come out with it before (or why the company didn’t opt for a reinforced cable from the beginning). The project is already over 200% funded and will act as a launching point for Lehman’s new design products company, my:brand. With support from the public and respected designers on its team, my:brand is already planning its next innovative, consumer-friendly apparatus.

A Kickstarter follower since the beta days, Lehman recognizes the funding platform as “a great model, where in a way everyone wins, products that are of a higher quality get produced, the Kickstarter supporters are looking for something that they cannot find daily in the market, and if the idea resonates we get supported literally one person at a time, it is so gratifying.”

Kickstarter has afforded Lehman the opportunity to source his own manufacturers and test sustainable packaging. It is a complete turnaround from recent years spent working with brands that wanted to cut costs by minimizing material expenditure –resulting in a compromised, lower-end design.

If all goes as planned, MySaver will be on the production line in time for the holidays.

+Thomas Lehman