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Despite its size, the tiny door caught our eye with its bold red color and fancy Federal styling. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t actually lead to a tiny apartment, but a closer look did reveal a QR code that led us to its raison d’etre.

The tiny door is actually a marketing tool promoting Cynthia von Buhler’s Speakeasy Dollhouse Project. Here’s a description of the “immersive event” (tickets can be purchased here) from the website:

“Each guest will be assigned a role when they arrive at the speakeasy. We encourage you to explore. Unlocked doors (or revolving bookshelves) should be entered. Ignore the advice your parents gave you as children, be nosy and talk to strangers. Time is warped here. The time frame of the night is from 1933 (prohibition era) – 1935. A few days before the show you will receive an email from Frank Spano. If you leave your email address we will send you secret evidence via email.”

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Want to see the tiny door for yourself? Head to North 11th Street in Williamsburg and walk along Wythe Avenue to North 5th Street (you should spot it somewhere along the way). We’d tell you the exact cross streets but where’s the fun in that?

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Photos ©Yuka Yoneda