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Designer Garret Finney drew upon his experience working as a senior architect for NASA’s Habitability Design Center (HDC), where he designed small, ergonomic habitats for astronauts. After leaving NASA in 2009, the “space” architect built Cricket, a super-efficient camper made of recyclable materials. Four years later, Finney has introduced the Firefly prototype, an even more compact and lightweight trailer designed to fit in a pickup truck bed.

Using aerospace engineering techniques, Finney’s team of builders designed a rugged yet lightweight exoskeleton assembled from laser-cut sheets of bent sheet aluminum and high R-value composite insulation panels with foam cores wrapped in a thin aluminum skin line the siding of the bunker. The completed prototype, which was assembled in TAXA’s Houston manufacturing facility, weighs in at just over 600 pounds.

In addition to outdoor adventures, Finney envisions that Firefly could be used in industrial or disaster-relief zones as temporary base camps in inhospitable areas. The second-generation prototype is scheduled to launch early next year.

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