Domingos Tótora‘s natural fiber creations are some of the most imaginative and inspired designs we’ve seen. Driven by a passion for preservation, Tótora draws inspiration from natural landscapes to create a collection of home decor pieces from natural fibers and pigments. His work embodies sustainable ideals with natural materials, and reflects organic processes and cycles within a fresh, contemporary context. Previously exhibited at Maison & Objet and part of the TOUCH collective, these imaginative designs are one of our favorite sustainable design springtime finds.

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We love the way Tótora’s pieces are modern and timeless, and embody forms and colors from nature’s palate. Each handcrafted work is manufactured by a cooperative of Brazilian artisans known as Gente de Fibra, which Tótora founded in 1998. The coop brings this grounded designer’s visions to life, while supporting a thriving economy that celebrates the craftsmanship and skills of local artisans.

Tótora’s pieces use natural materials such as kraft paper, natural pigments and banana fiber. In each design is a reflection of the shapes, forms, textures and hues of nature’s landscapes. Circular patterns, earth tone finishes mixed with a master craftsman’s hand, these inspiring designs are an effortless interpretation of the natural world.

+ Domingo Tótora @ TOUCH
+ Gente de Fibra