As more and more Americans continue to favor outdoor recreation over traditional vacationing amid the pandemic, Egoé Nest and Studio 519 are offering a sustainable option to transform regular vehicles into fully functioning camper vans.

SUV with modular camping set in the trunk

Enter Nestbox, a modular camper kit that fits into your SUV’s backseat or luggage area and expands to fit a water module and cooker module as well as modules for a fridge, a folding bed slat and a folding mattress. The camper kits were designed and built for Czech-based Egoé Nest and come in four models to fit vehicles as large as a Volkswagen Multivan to as small as a Subaru Outback. There are installed spaces for storage in the fold-out kitchen, but buyers can choose additional storage accessories such as window or ceiling bags and a specially designed pillow with sewn-in pockets.

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two people lounging on platform in SUV trunk
modular orange and gray camper box in SUV trunk

The bottom of the bed pulls out to reveal a basic kitchen module, complete with a two-burner cooker, counter space and a mini-fridge. A water basin folds open, and a faucet attachment delivers water from the storage tank underneath. The entire model folds up into a neat rectangular box for easy storage while not in use.

food cooking on small stove top in a camper box
small collapsible sink in SUV trunk

The idea came to life when one of the Nestbox co-inventors purchased a motorhome, only to end up disappointed in the bulky vehicle’s difficult maneuverability and camping limitations. Rather than being able to stop and camp anywhere, using the motorhome required extensive planning and didn’t fit into many desirable spots. Instead, the team decided to build a camping module that didn’t limit the original purpose of the vehicle and granted the owner complete freedom.

fold-out bed platform in SUV trunk and backseat
SUV with trunk open revealing modular camper set

“Traditional camping has its limits and we’re one of the first brands to start to change this,” said David Zezula of the Egoé Nest marketing team. “The numbers show the interest is growing, camping with a camping module is becoming a specific style of traveling. Freedom and flexibility are commodities people still demand.” Best of all, the Nestbox modules can be removed just as easily as they are put in, meaning you can use your vehicle for everyday things without having to install and reinstall a bulky traditional camper trailer.

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SUV with camper box in trunk and pop-up tent on roof