The Peugeot 1001 is an all electric concept vehicle that — if it becomes a reality — would prove to be a lot of fun to drive in the city. The vehicle runs on 8 small electric motors, attached to four “wheels” — the wheels are actually spheres — and can rotate 360 degrees around itself like a helicopter. The car is designed for a person taking small trips, probably around a city, who needs to move quickly and nimbly around obstacles — like yellow cabs and bicycles.

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Maybe the coolest thing about the car (well not really the coolest but it’ll sure get you some street cred) is that the doors open Dolorean style. Maybe Doc Brown could use this electric beauty for some future time traveling flicks. The car’s spherical wheels are identical and are magnetically coupled — they are controlled by magnetic fields — which allow the car to rotate quickly and efficiently.

The Peugeot 1001 was designed by Tiago Alves of Portugal for the super energy conscious city dweller. Though we haven’t taken a peak at the inside we hear it’s pretty chic. We only have one issue with this design. It may be great with obstacles in front of you but it doesn’t look like it could handle a pothole very well. The clearance is quite low and because the “spherical” wheels don’t lift you off the ground like regular wheels those pot holes — or unexpected curbs — could prove to be a problem while you’re speeding around the city.

Via Coroflot