As environmental advocates here at Inhabitat we’re also big fans of the great outdoors, and every boy (or girl) scout worth their salt knows that the quintessential tool to wilderness survival is a dependable knife. Whereas the eco credentials of most tools hinge upon long-lasting heirloom design qualities, hallowed Swiss Army Knife company Wenger recently upped the ante with their new line of EvoWood pocket knives, which are sustainably manufactured in addition to being extremely durable.

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Wenger’s EvoWood line features comfortable contoured handles made from sustainably-grown Swiss walnut wood that has been salvaged from other production processes. Each knife houses an array of time-tested features including scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, and saws. Granted Wenger’s hundred-year heritage of making durable life-long products, we have a feeling their latest offerings will look only better after years of use.

+ Wenger EvoWood Swiss Army Knives

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