Adam Frank struck a chord last fall with his gorgeous Lumen oil lamp which casts a shadow of a tree on your wall. A couple weeks after the design made the rounds on the blogosphere, the Lumen got featured on Daily Candy and in The New York Times, and Adam quickly sold out of all Lumen for the rest of the holiday season. Now we are thrilled to announce that Adam is back and better than ever with 5 fabulous new Lumen designs

In case you’ve tired of the original pine tree design (or never liked pine trees in the first place), now there are several different types of trees to choose from (Magnolia and Cedar), as well as flying birds, birds in trees, and even a flame. Personally I love the bird designs. I think I’m going to have to get me another Lumen, even though I already have the original. Now the only question is: flock of flying birds or birds in a tree? I really can’t decide – they are both so cute.

What’s your favorite Lumen?