We are thrilled to announce that Voltaic, our favorite solar bag company, has just debuted a sleek new laptop bag that actually charges laptops! Whereas Voltaic’s previous solar bags only generate enough power to charge smaller gadgets like phones, cameras and mp3 players, the new Generator, is a super-powered solar tote that will charge your laptop along with all of your other green gadgets. It uses a single solar panel (which you can order with different color trims) to produce up to 14.7 watts of power, enough to fully charge a typical laptop, along with your iPod and cell phone.

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The bag includes a battery pack to store the solar energy, so even on a cloudy day, the bag can use stored energy to charge up your laptop on the go. Just connect using the included adapters or USB plug.

Aside from the energy benefits, we love the simple styling of the bag and the sustainable fabric, made from recycled soda bottles (PET). And if you’re worried about dropping the bag and destroying your laptop, don’t fret, Generator has a protective frame. The Generator will begin shipping Spring of 2008. We can’t wait!

+ Voltaic Generator Bag

+ $450 from The Ultimate Green Store