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Located at 140 Hester Street, Sun Bright Hotel is a single-occupancy hotel (though calling it a hotel is a bit of a stretch) that caters mostly to men. According to Yelp reviewers, who collectively give the Sun Bright a 2 out of 5 star rating, some of the floors “look like a crack den/prison” and there is no ceiling – just cage-like wire mesh. The NY Post recently visited the facilities themselves and reported that “Roaches, bedbugs, fleas and other vermin infest the building. Hot hallways reek of rotting trash, sweat and urine.”

But not everyone had such harsh words for the Sun Bright. Yelp user Michael U. wrote, “The rooms are clean albeit not glamorous, the restrooms are shared, and yes – you can hear every word your neighbor says (whether it be in Chinese, Russian, or English – or maybe that was the TV?). You’re certainly not paying for the ambiance here.”

And at least they offer free WiFi?

Sun Bright Hotel

Via NY Post