NYC leaders have set some lofty goals for greening the city, with a focus on slashing greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050. Recent studies have shown how improvements in heating efficiency can save building owners tons of money while cutting emissions, but many property owners and building supervisors still have a lot to learn about how exactly to accomplish that. To that end, the city is partnering with other organizations to launch a pilot program to teach sustainability techniques and energy efficiency to building managers throughout the city.

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NYC’s Sustainability Boot Camp launches in April and is geared toward building managers. Whether a building is full of apartments or offices, or is a multi-use development, landlords and their staff are encouraged to enroll and learn how to lower energy usage and green their buildings. The course is hosted by the city in partnership with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) and the Building Owners and Managers Association. Building managers can sign up for just $30, as costs of the class are being subsidized in an effort to help spread information widely. The class will be held at REBNY’s headquarters in Midtown.

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The city has set a goal to reduce emissions from privately owned buildings 30 percent by 2025, but that’s a voluntary measure. So, creating tools to help building managers achieve that goal more easily makes a lot of sense. Mayor Bill de Blasio has suggested that the reductions could become mandatory, and building owners and supervisors who don’t comply may face financial penalties if they don’t get on board. However, no deadlines have currently been set for improvements for private buildings.

+ Sustainability Boot Camp for high-rise commercial buildings

+ Sustainability Boot Camp for multi-family residential buildings

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