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PLANT’s best selling-product is the Mobile Foodie Survival Kit. Holly came up with the idea a few years back when she was brainstorming designs that she could use while traveling. Realizing that the food in many travel pit stops — airports, train stations, bus stops — is one of the worst parts of traveling, she concocted the first spice kit. The kit comes with 13 ground organic spices and wasabi powder, so you have everything you need to make your food taste a little bit better. Most of the spices come from Mountain Rose Herbs, an organic spice company in Portland, Oregon. The stacked plastic packaging is completely recyclable, and it is long-lasting, so you can refill the containers again and again.

Since the original kit was so popular, PLANT expanded their offerings to include kits filled with the essential spices for Mexican, Thai, and Indian cooking. Because the spice amounts are relatively small, the kits are great for people who want to try new flavors without buying dozens of full jars of unfamiliar spices. Plus the compact kits are perfect for tiny New York apartment kitchens.

For those who want fresh spices, PLANT created the Herb Seed Kit. Intended to encourage people to grow their own food no matter where they live, the kit comes with seeds for ten different organic herbs, with each packet containing approximately 100 seeds each. The kit also includes compostable garden markets, and instruction cards for each herb, detailing how to plant, care for, and harvest them. PLANT hopes to roll out a wildflower seed kit soon.

All of PLANT’s kits are assembled upstate in Poughkeepsie, New York by a team of adults with physical and medical handicaps at the Mid-Hudson Workshop for the Disabled. Even as PLANT’s business grows, and we don’t doubt that it will, they plan to keep production at the workshop.

In addition to the kits, PLANT makes a clever cheese board, appropriately shaped like a piece of Swiss cheese, and handmade letter openers made from recycled paper pulp and reclaimed wood.

You can purchase all of PLANT’s products here.

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