Last year, Inhabitat reported on a Brooklyn Heights brownstone that hides a secret portal to the NYC underground, but it turns out that wasn’t the only thing off about the building. The NYPD was recently called to the faux home when MTA workers stationed inside complained of “something strange in the neighborhood.”

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According to the police, the health-conscious workers had been keeping various types of kale and quinoa salads in the small fridge in the basement of the fake Brownstone, when they began to notice something amiss.

“I thought I was on ‘shrooms when I saw the psychedelic colors and swirls,” said Hal U. Sinaetin. “Not that I’ve done drugs before. I mean…Actually, can I redact that statement?”

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According to Theresa Caputo, also known as the Long Island Medium, who was brought in to investigate the circumstances, the employees were experiencing the opening of a portal to another dimension, which had long been hidden behind some leftover Chinese take-out. “The anti-oxidants from the kale and protein from the quinoa likely activated the long-dormant portal,” she explained.

Caputo and other experts are currently consulting Tobin’s Spirit Guide to determine any connection to other supernatural events in the area. Until they have more information, however, they are recommending that workers abstain from bringing super foods for lunch.

Just kidding! April Fool’s!

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