The debate is still out on what kind of puppy Malia and Sasha will get. It seems the choices have been narrowed down to two dogs – a , both are very sweet, cuddly, and soft, not to mention hypoallergenic, which was a main criteria in deciding what kind of puppy to get. Now that they are getting closer to having a First Dog, the Obama Family needs to discuss housing options. We’re excited to announce that Sustainable Pet Design has created a house specifically for the and modeled it after traditional presidential architecture. Their are customized pet homes made from red cedar with beautiful green roofs.

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Sustainable Pet Design has the perfect house for the new puppy – one that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. The house is constructed from aromatic cedar from trees felled by a tornado in the 1990’s on Andrew Jackson’s ancestral home, The Hermitage. These trees lined the stately drive and were supposedly planted by Andrew Jackson himself. The reclaimed wood has been donated for the dog house by EarthSource Forest Products, and low VOC paints were donated by Los Angeles paint store AC+DC. The house will also feature a with plants specifically suited to the DC area.

Being the First Dog carries a lot of responsibility to be an example for other pups out there. The Obama Dog really should play with natural and non-toxic rubber toys, sleep on an organic or recycled bed, eat natural and organic food and have an eco-friendly home. Sustainable Pet Homes offers a number of sustainable options that include, red cedar, low VOC paints and a custom green roof with drought tolerant plants appropriate for your region. The green roof provides insulation, filters water, helps clean the air and provides an extra surface to grow plants. We think the First Pooch will be pleased with his new home.

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