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The two differing complexes meet each other in the heavily planted fields that surround them.  One building seems to rise out of the ground in steps that vary in height from two to four stories. The thickly planted grass roof extends the park’s green area – residents can ascend the roof and use it as additional yard space. This building has a charming look that resembles overgrown ruins – a purposeful vision of man versus nature, with nature in the lead. Each of the levels also has heavily planted balconies that lend cohesion to the structure, which sprawls in waves like a rolling hill.

The second building lacks the immense green roofs of the first, but it’s still focused around nature and lush vegetation. Located on asloping incline, the project consists of units with private outdoor spaces. Grass and greenery are planted on the patio areas, and trees line the perimeter of the property.

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