Brooklyn-based firm Studio Vural has unveiled an incredible concept design for an off-grid beach retreat, which is embedded into the sandy dunes of Cape Cod. The Dune House is a futuristic structure that is “carved” into the sand dunes, essentially divided into two parts by an open-air walkway. Covered with a lush green roof, the idyllic home will also rely on clean energy to be completely self-sufficient.

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a curved home cut in two by a central walkway

The unusual design features both modern and natural materials that add resiliency to the Dune House. To make it storm-resistant, the structure will be embedded into the dunes via deep piles. Octagonal in shape, the house will consist of concrete bases and large stretches of storm-resistant, triple-insulated windows. Topping the residence is a lush green roof planted with native vegetation that, in addition to helping insulate the interior spaces, will also be helpful in reducing carbon emissions.

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a person walking through a walkway between green hills

a wooden pathway flanked by greenery

The top floor houses the main living space, along with an open-plan kitchen and dining area. These rooms are connected via a central breezeway, which will enable the homeowners to enjoy the incredible views while taking in fresh air. Wedge-shaped windows around the home also bring in natural light as well as unobstructed views of the ocean.

a modern interior living space with massive wall of windows

a modern interior room with bright concrete walls and wood furnishings

The interior design will feature a modern, neutral palette that incorporates white, painted concrete walls and polished concrete floors. Natural bamboo will be used for the cabinetry and wood paneling found throughout the home.

a person standing on a lush green landscape looking out over the ocean

grass-covered home illuminated from the inside at dusk

Besides its breathtaking design, the residence will also be completely self-sufficient. A solar panel array as well as various mini wind turbines will generate all of the energy the home needs. A rainwater collection system will supply fresh drinking water, and water for sinks and showers is to be sourced from filtered groundwater. To heat and cool the off-grid house, an innovate geothermal system will be installed to work collaboratively with the “eco-concrete basin” created via the structure’s concrete envelope.

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Renderings by Dom Wipas via Studio Vural