Oficina Vidre Negra, Damilano Studio Architects, eco office, energy efficient office, integrated photovoltaics

Oficina Vidre Negre is a three-story office building located in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy. The sculptural, prismatic design is a reflection of the client’s dynamic business, and the angular volume is seen on both the outside and on the inside. The building is clad in black glass and integrated photovoltaic panels that help generate power for the building. Recessed windows, large overhangs and low-E glazing help to reduce heat gain and glare on the inside.

The building, which was completed in October 2011, wraps around a pond that is used as a reserve for fire fighting as well as irrigation for the surrounding park. Radiant floor heating and cooling, heat air recover and a water-to-water ground source heat pump ensure low energy use to provide climate control. In addition, the building’s envelope is highly insulated to minimize heat losses.

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Images ©Andrea Martiradonna