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The Eco-Boulevard, designed by Ecosistema Urbano, is located in the Vallecas suburb just outside of Madrid, Spain. Olalquiaga Arquitectos’s design for this 13,773 square meter site was based on the ideal of not closing in the residential development on four sides (as many housing complexes in Madrid are enclosed today). The open plan incorporates spaces of various sizes and allows sunlight to penetrate deep into the project.

The housing complex offers 163 one-bedroom units in addition to two commercial spaces and parking for residents. The complex will embrace the Eco-boulevard’s aspiration to create a dense, tree-filled community by adding an abundance of trees to the interior courtyard. The building’s simple geometric exterior really does little to explain the complexity of the planning and thought that was put into providing these residents with housing that will help better their lives.

+ Olalquiaga Arquitectos

Via Archdaily