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siloetten, cf moller, denmark, abandoned silo, adapative reuse, green renovation, green building, sustainable architecture

Siloetten is an exciting project that makes use of existing and solid infrastructure in a practical way. The abandoned silo remains in its original form and serves as the service core for the apartments as well as the base for the roof terrace. A steel structure forms the frame for the 21 apartments that surround the silo, each varied in order to provide views, ample daylight and privacy. These block-like apartments enjoy private patios and each is provided with a view of Århus Bay.

The base of the high-rise is a new village center with a public plaza and mixed-use complex with shops and a supermarket. Surrounding the residential tower is a green park with small allotments of land for the residents. Residents of the tower and neighboring areas can conveniently shop without having to travel far, and the newly formed public space encourages community activity. The rural high rise is also very unique in that no other tower can be built to the same height, as it is a conversion and not a new building. Thus the residents of Siloetten enjoy views and a living situation in Løgten that can not be replicated, making the high rise a desirable place to live.