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Sustainable Concentration Camp Auschwitz I, 1940

The amusing and even slightly shocking collection of green-washed images shows a number of iconic buildings and structures draped in living plants. To see Aushwitz covered in ivy and even nuclear power plant cooling towers clad in a living wall certainly makes you stop and think. Just because something is covered in green plants, can it be sustainable? The answer is of course not, as sustainability is so very much more than a superficial coating of green. (Certainly, we at Inhabitat, write all the time about buildings clad in living walls. While sometimes that may be the only environmentally friendly feature about the building, but we offer it up as an inspiration.)

O’ Mighty Green is a satirical take on sustainability and they introduce the Green as a philosophy, a religion, a stye, a form of architecture and a movement. STAR even compares the Green to God saying they share a lot in comparison like “supreme concept, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient; creator and judge, protector, and (…) saviour of the universe and the humanity.” Green has the power to change all, be all and save all and it also has the uncanny ability to “hide graceless designs” and more readily accept ugly buildings if they are green.

STAR’s collection of green-washed images will be on display at the International Architecture festival eme3 in Barcelona from June 30th to July 2nd.

Via ArchDaily