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Onion’s designers conceived the Jerry House for a family that wanted a different dwelling experience from their main residence in Bangkok. Ladders, nets andslopes are built into the home and suspended across a void that connects the first floor to the third floor, but that is not the only type of vertical communication in the house. Exhausted parents can take the stairs located along one side of the atrium.

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Inspired by Tom and Jerry’s adventures, the architects decided to design a home which would resemble “a big piece of cheese” with misaligned holes and nets providing a perfect place for playing hide and seek, hanging, climbing and falling.

In order to visually expand the space, the architects covered the ceiling with mirrored film. A hidden sliding door connects the highest net with a bed for one of the kids, while the bed on the opposite side of a large tunnel faces the main staircase. Different colors were used to differentiate the bedrooms, which have playful arched windows and doors and unconventional lighting fixtures.

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Photos by Wison Tungthunya