One of fifteen finalists in our Spring Greening DIY Design Contest, Nibha Jain and Srikanth Jalasutram’s “Orange” dish drying rack puts wet dishes to work by using their droplets to water a mini herb garden. Clothes pins attached to one side hold flatware and smaller items while the built in rack is suitable for anything you can throw at it (but the kitchen sink!). The tray has an inclined base which funnels water drips towards a small plant of your choosing, making this an ingenious invention for keeping cooking herbs close at hand. If you agree, be sure to vote for it in our Spring Greening Contest!


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Masters students of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech, Srikanth Jalasutram and Nibha Jain, were inspired by the concept of ephemeral objects, a idea popularized by Dr. Stuart Walker. In ephemeral design multiple objects come together in unconventional ways to create a new function completely different from their previous individual functions.