Owls will no longer be forced into show biz in live Harry Potter productions. Thanks to Warner Bros. listening to Tylor Starr, president and co-founder of The Protego Foundation, owls can get back to hunting and leave wizarding to the humans.

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“We learn in the Harry Potter series that owls are sensitive and remarkably intelligent birds who should be treated with kindness and respect,” Starr said. “They shouldn’t be subjected to loud music, large crowds, and flashing lights.”

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“The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” is a show performed at Universal Parks & Resorts locations. In 2014, when the show debuted in Osaka, Japan, owls were featured in the opening ceremonies. The park also tied live owls to a pedestal so people could pose for photos with them. But no more.

“The Protego Foundation is thankful to Warner Bros. and the Harry Potter Global Franchise Development team for honoring Hedwig, Errol, and other beloved owls,” Starr added. Hedwig and Errol are two of the many owls who provide postal services for people in the seven-book series.

As The Protego Foundation explains on its website, it “fights to end the abuse of the animals in the Muggle world through our inspiration from the magical creatures in the wizarding world.” Its goal is, “A wizarding fandom that is more considerate of the rights, feelings, and treatment of all creatures regardless of species, size, or magical ability.”

The group of activists started as The Fwooper Foundation in 2015. A couple of name changes later, members are still encouraging the public to avoid eating animals, wearing animals skins or patronizing live animal acts. Unlike some animal rights groups, Protego puts a friendly, positive spin on its activism. As a thank you to Warner Bros., the foundation is sending the company an enormous box of owl-shaped vegan chocolate. Vegan actress Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series, was also jubilant, sharing her praise on Instagram.

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