Paris recently announced plans to infuse its grid with renewable energy by installing eight hydroelectric turbines in the waters of the River Seine. An urban ecology study of the French waterways has already been conducted and has identified four potential sites along the river’s path, and the city is currently seeking proposals from companies to provide possible solutions and technologies. The city hopes to have the hydro turbines installed early next year.

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Other places around the world like San Francisco and The Netherlands are also working on harvesting the power of water from the tides. While hydro turbines have long been used to harvest flowing water, Paris’ plans call for small turbines places in line with the water underneath bridges. It’s not necessarily unique, but it’s definitely not a common practice and Paris may just pave the way to making urban hydro power practical and eventually cost effective. They have identified four potential locations for the turbines – one is to the west of the city, at the Pont du Garigliano, while the others are in central Paris, at the Pont de la Tournelle, Pont Marie and Pont au Change. Two energy-harnessing machines will be placed at each bridge.

Paris City Hall is currently seeking proposals for efficient and cost-effective hydro power strategies for their city. Proposals will be accepted through this fall, and the winner will be announced in January, with installation planned for the following Spring. The City isn’t aiming to generate a ton of power from the project, but any little bit will help. Additionally the project will serve as an educational and promotional tool for renewable energy for Parisians, much like their bike sharing program is helping educate the city about sustainable transportation.

Via UK Guardian

Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons